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Sound Design
Voice Over Recording/Editing/Mastering
Post Production Mixing

Every Project is equally important to us no matter what the budget! We are out to meet new people, make new friends and keep you coming back again and again.


We know that every project is perpetually changing. We provide compositions that function in a way that the editor has the ability to separate every aspect of the music and sound to easily transition from one cue to another without the concern of dissonant notes, or having to make hard cuts in the music unnecessarily. The result is a consistent sonic tapestry that gives the editor the maximum amount of flexibility and integrates into work with ease.

For every cue we monitor each individual stem and every combination carefully to ensure the maximum amount of emotional and textural diversity. In this way the editor has the ability to mirror continuous changes in the video edit easily and creatively through sound and music.


The Surrender - Watch on the Intercept - 
Stephen Maing, Laura Poitras, Praxis Films - Music

Marc Jacobs Fashion Week Set Design - Mix

Episode from a six part series for Bose titled "Art Of Sound" - "See what happens when we turn the cameras on and watch record-producer and audio engineer, Joel Hamilton of Brooklyn's Studio G, take a stocked studio and lots of speakers to explore how we experience sound."

Excerpt - "The Price Of Gold"  - ESPN 30 For 30 - Music

Mountains - "Propeller" - Thrill Jockey Records- Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg - composer, mixer, engineer

Mountains - "Add Infinity" - Thrill Jockey Records- Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg - composer, mixer, engineer 

Bear In Heaven - "Don't Look Down"- Pitchfork TV - Location Recording, Mix, Mastering

Excerpt - "9/11 The Days After" - History Channel - Music, Sound Design

Excerpt - "Stories From The Road To Freedom" - History Channel - Music, Sound Design, Voice Over Recording

Jonsi - "Cemetary Gates" - Pitchfork TV - Mix

Excerpt - "102 Minutes That Changed America" - Music, Sound Design

Modest Mouse - "The Lonesome Crowded West" - Pitchfork TV - Mix

Trailer - "High Tech Low Life" - Mud Horse Pictures/PBS - Music

Excerpt - "Third Reich : The Rise" - History - Music, Sound Design

St Vincent - "Cheerleader" - Pitchfork Festival 2014 - Mix


Bose: Art Of Sound (Web Series, Music) Show Cobra Productions (2014)
Black And Blue (TV Special, Music) CNN (2014)
Pepperoni Playboy - Mac DeMarco Documentary (Documentary, Mix, Sound Design)  Pitchfork (2014)
Wild Canaries (Film, ADR Engineering) Directed By Lawrence Michael Levine (2014)
The Price Of Gold (TV Special, Music) ESPN 30 For 30 (2014)
Stories From The Road To Freedom (TV Special, Music, Sound Design, Voice Over Recording) History Channel (2013)
Documented (Feature Film, Music) APO Productions (2013)
Pitchfork Classics (Documentary, Mix) Pitchfork TV (2013)
High Tech, Low Life (Feature Film, Music) Mud Horse Pictures (2013)
How We Built The Bomb (TV Special, Music) Discovery (2013)
Mountains "Centralia" (CD, 2xLP, Composer/Collaborator, Engineer, Mix) Thrill Jockey (2013)
Casio-G Shock Eric Haze Watch Promo (Web, Music) Show Cobra Productions (2012)
Flipping The White House (TV Special, Music) Discovery Channel (2012)
9/11: The Days After (TV Special, Music, Sound Design) History Channel (2011)
A Rubberband Is An Unlikely Instrument (Feature Film, Mix, Sound design) Show Cobra (2011)
It's Good To Be President (TV Special, Voice Over Recording) History Channel (2011)
Mountains "Air Museum" (CD, LP, Composer/Collaborator) Thrill Jockey (2011)
Third Reich: The Rise and Fall  (2 Part TV Special, Music, Sound Design) History Channel (2010)
Mountains "Choral" (CD, LP, Composer/Collaborator, Engineer, Mix) Thrill Jockey (2009)
Mountains-Etching (LP, Composer/Collaborator, Engineer, Mix) Thrill Jockey Records (2009)
Lioness (Feature Film, Music) Room 11 Productions (2008)
102 Minutes That Changed America (TV Special, Music) History Channel (2008)
I-Witness To 9/11 (TV Special, Music) History (2008)


Telescope Audio is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

Brendon Anderegg
founder/composer/sound engineer


Brendon Anderegg is a NYC based composer and sound engineer.  Brendon studied sound at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and sound engineering at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe AZ. Since 2007 he has worked on a wide range of projects for clients in every aspect of the industry. He is also one half of the Thrill Jockey Records band "Mountains," and has been performing internationally since 2001, sharing the stage with artists such as Tim Hecker, Polvo, Grouper, and Early Day Miners.


Greg Lawrence
composer/sound engineer


Greg Lawrence is a guitarist, composer and producer. Greg has composed and produced music for the White Waves Dance Festival, Brooklyn Arts Exchange Upstart Festival, Triskelion Arts’ Collabfest, and The Center for Performance Research. Greg currently writes music for several production companies, creates audio content for brands, and is an active independent film composer. In his search for elusive melodies and hypnotic rhythm, Greg Lawrence brings his passion to every project, carrying with him a wealth of experience, and a love of the craft.



  • Toft ATB 24 Mixing Desk
  • Lynx Aurora 16 A/D D/A Converters
  • Redco TT Patchbays
  • Mac Pro
  • Glyph GT 103 3U HD Rack
  • Canopus ADVC-110 Analog DV Converter
  • Euphonix MC Control (Control Surface)
  • Blue Sky ProDesk MKII Powered Monitors With Sub
  • Custom JT-1 Speakers-(Flat within 1dB between 80 Hz and 20 kHz)
  • Sytek MPX 4_Aii- 4 Channel Mic Pre, 2 with Burr Brown op amps
  • TC Electronics M3000 (stereo convolution reverb)
  • Emperical Labs Distressor (limiter/compressor) 
  • RN Stereo Compressor
  • RN Stereo Limiter
  • Universal Audio LA-610 Mic Pre/Compressor
  • Pro Tools 10
  • TC Electronics Finalizer Express (mastering box)
  • Furman Headphone system
  • Focusrite ISA One
  • Lexicon MPX 110 (fx rack)
  • Tascam DAP-1 (dat machine)
  • Fender Champ
  • Fender Pro Reverb
  • Fender Telecaster
  • Samick LP
  • Guild M20 Acoustic
  • Larivee  D03 Acoustic with Fishman Pickup
  • Eventide Pitchfactor
  • Cusak Tap Phase
  • Electroharmonix Memory Man (Digital Version)
  • Pigtronix Echolution
  • Electroharmonix 2880
  • 4MS Phaseur Moire with Control Voltage
  • Zvex Tremorama
  • Moog MG-1 Synth
  • Dave Smith Mopho Synth (Keyboard Version)
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
  • MacBook Pro With Live installed + tons of pluggo effects
  • Waves Platinum Plugin Bundle
  • Rhodes 76 Piano with amp
  • Kontakt Komplete 8
  • LA Scoring Strings
  • Custom Modular Synth designed specially for a focus on manipulating audio inputs


  • Neumann U87 AI (1)
  • AKG 451B (2)
  • Shure SM57 (2)
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • Sennheiser e604 (3)
  • Cad Equitek E100 (2)
  • Byerdynamic M-500 Ribbon
  • AKG C3000 
  • Shure Beta 87A 
  • Rhode NT3
  • Rhode NT2
  • Studio Projects C1
  • Audio-technica Pro 37R
  • AKG D112 
  • AKG D790


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